RD-Connect announces educational webinar series for ERN Stakeholders

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As part of a close working relationship between EURO-NMD and RD-Connect, we are delighted to announce a series of highly relevant and informative webinars for any researchers who are involved in an ERN. RD-Connect enables scientists and clinicians around the world to analyse genomics data and share them with other researchers. Find out more about the upcoming webinars and how you can register by using the link below. By making data accessible beyond the usual institutional and national boundaries, RD-Connect speeds up research, diagnosis and therapy development to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases.

The webinars would focus on:

  • Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform – tool to identify disease-causing variants and diagnose RD patients based on sequencing data
  • Registry & Biobank Finder and Sample Catalogue – two tools, a directory of RD patient registries and biobanks and a tool to browse sample collections of RD biobanks
  • FAIR data – general introduction why it’s important to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) at the source

The webinars would take place in mid-September and October. Find out more about the upcoming webinars and how you can register by using this link.

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